What a Beautiful Day

Day 1: I stumbled through hello to Paleo.

Yeah….so, it didn’t go quite as planned.

Yesterday I ran 4.2mi in the morning, went to church, and then headed to Downtown DC. Ended up walking about 5mi–it was GORGEOUS outside–and I got home around 6:30….completely wiped. So much for going grocery shopping yesterday. I was asleep by 9.

I woke up this morning with a little drainage. I had made some chicken bone broth about a month ago and threw it in the freezer for occasions like this (no food in the apartment…and feeling slightly “off”). So I took some out of the freezer, grabbed a hard boiled egg I made on Saturday, and headed off to work.

Had my usual meal replacement shake by Advocare in the morning. It’s not paleo, but trust me–I could do a lot worse in my work cafeteria.

Lunch time rolled around, so I grabbed the broth and egg from my office fridge and discovered it was still a block of ice, despite being outside the freezer for 6 hours. Ate the egg, let the broth sit on my desk and went to a Just Dance class.

On the way to class I noticed I was abnormally cold and prayed it wasn’t chills.

Made it through class and went back to my desk. Broth was nearly thawed at that point, so I popped the lid on my ball jar and chugged the broth. Probably should have heated it, but I’m hard core like that.

After work, I picked up my favorite Peruvian chicken. I struggle with acid reflux so I picked up a side of rice (not paleo) and coleslaw (SO not paleo).

Took some sudafed in hopes that would help. Also used my netty pot. So far, my nose has run faster than I did in my 4.2 from yesterday.

And now I’m laying in bed. Waiting for the sun to set so I can go to sleep.

I took out more bone broth and put it in my fridge so it’s good and ready for tomorrow.

Ps, if you’re looking for an excellent recipe for bone broth, try nom nom paleo. I made mine in a crockpot, and it really is delicious.


Sweet Dreams are (NOT) Made of These

Last night I went to bed psyching myself up for a 4.5mi that I was planning to get to this morning. I was pretty excited about it.

It’s been about a week since I’ve been on a run. My older brother was in town for 5 days and I was working mornings from 6:30am to noon, so other than getting up early last Sunday for my long run, unless I was willing to get up at 4am to go for a run (and after getting to bed at 11:30pm the nights before from red sox games), it just wasn’t going to happen. I knew this and was ok with it.

I went to bed relatively early for a Friday night. I normally get extremely restful sleep when I take AdvoCare’s SleepWorks. I will say that I definitely slept hard last night.

But I had an extreme nightmare. It’s similar to dreams I’ve been having the past few weeks (theme-wise, anyway)–unrelated to SleepWorks for sure. I went to a dream interpretation website and was, quite frankly, shocked/disturbed by the interpretation.

The dream was so scary, I did not wake up feeling rested and it scared the ever-living day lights out of me.

I’ll aim to run tomorrow.

In other news, I plan to start a Whole30 Monday. I need to get back on track nutritionally. I feel so much better when I eat paleo so this will clean things up. And, I’ve got about 30 days until my 10 year High School reunion, so…

More later!