Sweet Dreams are (NOT) Made of These

Last night I went to bed psyching myself up for a 4.5mi that I was planning to get to this morning. I was pretty excited about it.

It’s been about a week since I’ve been on a run. My older brother was in town for 5 days and I was working mornings from 6:30am to noon, so other than getting up early last Sunday for my long run, unless I was willing to get up at 4am to go for a run (and after getting to bed at 11:30pm the nights before from red sox games), it just wasn’t going to happen. I knew this and was ok with it.

I went to bed relatively early for a Friday night. I normally get extremely restful sleep when I take AdvoCare’s SleepWorks. I will say that I definitely slept hard last night.

But I had an extreme nightmare. It’s similar to dreams I’ve been having the past few weeks (theme-wise, anyway)–unrelated to SleepWorks for sure. I went to a dream interpretation website and was, quite frankly, shocked/disturbed by the interpretation.

The dream was so scary, I did not wake up feeling rested and it scared the ever-living day lights out of me.

I’ll aim to run tomorrow.

In other news, I plan to start a Whole30 Monday. I need to get back on track nutritionally. I feel so much better when I eat paleo so this will clean things up. And, I’ve got about 30 days until my 10 year High School reunion, so…

More later!


She’s Going the Distance

Last night I was asked to tell my Advocare story on a webinar about the 24 Day Challenge. It was an honor to be asked and I’m so grateful I was able to share not only my story about Advocare, but my weight-loss story in general.

I got to talking to a person whom I am friends with on Facebook, but have yet to meet. She, like me, is an Advocare distributor (a little higher on the benefits scale, though!) and she was also speaking on the webinar.

She had mentioned during her talking in the webinar how using a couple of the Advocare products–specifically Arginine Extreme and Pro 20–helped her with both half marathon and marathon times.

I have my first 10k next weekend, so naturally I asked her about the products. I mentioned that I hadn’t taken them because I didn’t consider myself an endurance athlete.

She told me I was most certainly an endurance athlete.

Huh…I guess I am.

I’ve got a 10k next weekend and just signed up for my first half (October 18th…Baltimore). Which…makes…me…an endurance athlete.

Today I ran a quick 2 miles.

Let me stop and absorb that for a second.

Quick. 2 miles.

Not even 6 months ago, I struggled to run a mile. I’ll admit, 2 miles isn’t a walk in the park–especially since I’m attempting to heal a hip flexor injury–but it’s mentally a short distance for me now. I am excited and amazed by that notion.

It’s really mind over matter. Shoot, if I can do it, just about anyone can!

What, if anything, is holding you back? Doesn’t have to be fitness-related either. What are you going to do about it?

Test, Test…1,2,3…

Check 1…Check 1, 2…Check 1,2,3….

I’ve attended a few sound checks in my day. Professional Cartographer by day, semi-professional singer by night.

It’s funny, friends…when you think of an opera singer, you probably automatically think of Wagner’s Ring of the Nebulung opera (you know, rather large viking woman). Deborah Voigt was once dropped from an opera in London because of her weight.  Not only does weight play a factor when you have to move around on stage, but off-stage, you have to be able to BREATHE. I cannot imagine that to be easy when you are obese.

On a personal level, I didn’t realize how true that was until June of last year. I’d been on my weight loss journey for about 4 years at that point. I was down 40lbs and holding steady when I decided to do an Advocare 24 Day Challenge (you’ll probably hear me talk about Advocare a lot…it’s honestly changed my life). Day 3, I woke up and realized: I could BREATHE. I mean, truly, truly breathe. And I didn’t realize I couldn’t breathe before. It was almost euphoric, it was so amazing. To feel like you are able to sustain a note for any length of time longer than you’re used to because you now suddenly feel like you can breathe–that’s a big deal. It gives you the confidence to hold the notes and reach for the higher ones (higher notes require more breath…and more breath control, thusly).

I can’t promise it’s Advocare that did it for me. At the same time I started the 24 Day Challenge, I also started eating pretty clean at the same time…almost paleo (now I try to eat Paleo as much as possible because my stomach appreciates it better now. I get stomach aches when I eat poorly…or bread). All that I know, is that I’m 20lbs lighter, in the smallest clothes I’ve worn since 6th grade, and I love that I can breathe.

breathing = awesome.

*drops the mic*