What a Beautiful Day

Day 1: I stumbled through hello to Paleo.

Yeah….so, it didn’t go quite as planned.

Yesterday I ran 4.2mi in the morning, went to church, and then headed to Downtown DC. Ended up walking about 5mi–it was GORGEOUS outside–and I got home around 6:30….completely wiped. So much for going grocery shopping yesterday. I was asleep by 9.

I woke up this morning with a little drainage. I had made some chicken bone broth about a month ago and threw it in the freezer for occasions like this (no food in the apartment…and feeling slightly “off”). So I took some out of the freezer, grabbed a hard boiled egg I made on Saturday, and headed off to work.

Had my usual meal replacement shake by Advocare in the morning. It’s not paleo, but trust me–I could do a lot worse in my work cafeteria.

Lunch time rolled around, so I grabbed the broth and egg from my office fridge and discovered it was still a block of ice, despite being outside the freezer for 6 hours. Ate the egg, let the broth sit on my desk and went to a Just Dance class.

On the way to class I noticed I was abnormally cold and prayed it wasn’t chills.

Made it through class and went back to my desk. Broth was nearly thawed at that point, so I popped the lid on my ball jar and chugged the broth. Probably should have heated it, but I’m hard core like that.

After work, I picked up my favorite Peruvian chicken. I struggle with acid reflux so I picked up a side of rice (not paleo) and coleslaw (SO not paleo).

Took some sudafed in hopes that would help. Also used my netty pot. So far, my nose has run faster than I did in my 4.2 from yesterday.

And now I’m laying in bed. Waiting for the sun to set so I can go to sleep.

I took out more bone broth and put it in my fridge so it’s good and ready for tomorrow.

Ps, if you’re looking for an excellent recipe for bone broth, try nom nom paleo. I made mine in a crockpot, and it really is delicious.


Sweet Dreams are (NOT) Made of These

Last night I went to bed psyching myself up for a 4.5mi that I was planning to get to this morning. I was pretty excited about it.

It’s been about a week since I’ve been on a run. My older brother was in town for 5 days and I was working mornings from 6:30am to noon, so other than getting up early last Sunday for my long run, unless I was willing to get up at 4am to go for a run (and after getting to bed at 11:30pm the nights before from red sox games), it just wasn’t going to happen. I knew this and was ok with it.

I went to bed relatively early for a Friday night. I normally get extremely restful sleep when I take AdvoCare’s SleepWorks. I will say that I definitely slept hard last night.

But I had an extreme nightmare. It’s similar to dreams I’ve been having the past few weeks (theme-wise, anyway)–unrelated to SleepWorks for sure. I went to a dream interpretation website and was, quite frankly, shocked/disturbed by the interpretation.

The dream was so scary, I did not wake up feeling rested and it scared the ever-living day lights out of me.

I’ll aim to run tomorrow.

In other news, I plan to start a Whole30 Monday. I need to get back on track nutritionally. I feel so much better when I eat paleo so this will clean things up. And, I’ve got about 30 days until my 10 year High School reunion, so…

More later!

I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride My Bike…

So, it’s been a week.

I’ve been given the go ahead to begin to ease my way back into running–woohoo!!! Ease, being the operative word.

I’ve decided to do the following to get myself prepped for running: bike this week, arc trainer next week, and then get into running the week after.

So this week: bike.

Holy mother of pearl, saddle soreness! I’m so not used to this feeling. I have a friend and a relative that bike, and they said it’s all about using your abs and legs, and really not so much sitting on your butt. Don’t get me wrong, my legs and abs are sore, too (and really, my arms, too from helping prop myself up). But, those stationary bikes were seemingly not made for anyone planning to go longer than 20min on the thing. I did 40min on Tuesday and was pretty sore until Thursday. Today I did 90min (burned 1176 calories according to my heart rate monitor), and felt fine…until I had to walk up the two flights of stairs to my apartment afterwards. I literally had to pull myself up the stairs for dear life using the hand rails because it hurt so bad.

But at least I’m doing it!

I slept in this morning and as a result, between regular calorie consumption and today’s workout, I had to consume 2000 calories between 5pm and the time I choose to go to bed tonight. I ended up having a hamburger with turkey bacon and a fried egg on top (no bun)…yum! Sadly, that was only like 350 calories, ha. So I had 2/3 cup dried cherries which were another 280 calories. I’m still hungry, but it’s 10:15pm and I’ve closed the kitchen for the evening.

I did measurements with my trainer on Thursday. I gained 3lbs in the past month, but two of those were in the form of muscle, so I’ll take it. Also considering I really couldn’t do any cardio other than swimming for that month, and only gaining 3lbs…I’ll consider that a win. And, my body fat percentage is almost in the normal range…woohoo!!! That’s really the biggest win of all.

Plan of attack for tomorrow is to meal plan for the week and stretch. DC is supposed to get walloped with yet another snow storm on Monday. Perhaps that would be a great time to attempt to make some awesome paleo food and attempt to make kombucha.

Hopefully the readers of this blog are staying warm!

Wishing, and Hoping, and Thinking, and Praying…

I can’t believe the weekend is nearly done. Where has the time gone?

Yesterday (Saturday), was a pretty lazy day. Well, the first half was, anyway. In the afternoon I went to the grocery store with a list in hand to get the ingredients for some kick-@$$ Paleo burgers with portobello mushrooms for buns. I also picked up all the ingredients for paleo mayo, which in turn helped make paleo ranch dressing, but I didn’t actually make that until today. Thank you to Nom Nom Paleo for putting the recipes in her cookbook. ๐Ÿ™‚

But enough about cooking for a moment.

Can I just say, I am stupendously excited to go to the podiatrist tomorrow? That sounds a little ridiculous, I know. But, after being told 3 weeks ago that I was not allowed to doย any impact exercises due to tendinitis in my right foot, I am wishing/hoping/thinking/praying that she will give me the go-ahead to start doing light-impact exercises (i.e. ArcTrainer, elliptical, yoga, etc).

Which brings me to another point…if you have a sports-related injury, I cannot even begin to tell you how important it is to see a sports medicine specialist. The podiatrist I’m seeing tomorrow is not the first podiatrist I am seeing for this injury. She is actually a second opinion. The first podiatrist I went and saw I found off of my health provider’s website. After a 3 second evaluation, (no X-rays or even looking at how I stood on my feet) the first podiatrist told me that I probably just bruised a metatarsal, to take it easy for a week or two and I should be fine.

I was still in quite a bit of pain after a week, so at the recommendation of a friend, and urging of my personal trainer, I gave a different office a call (who specializes in sports-related podiatry). I got in to see one of them by the end of the week and this podiatrist said after a very lengthy exam complete with X-rays, walking tests and stand on tip-toes, it was definitely tendinitis. She also said that had I exhibited any more pain that what I was in, she would have put me in a boot to completely immobilize the foot– no questions asked. She also put me on a prescription-strength NSAID for two weeks, told me I could only wear my running shoes–even while roaming around my apartment–and gave me instructions to see her in 3 weeks (tomorrow).

I am so.glad. I went with a second opinion–and a sports medicine podiatrist, at that.

Truth of the matter is, in my gut I knew the first podiatrist really didn’t have a clue. My instincts told me to find a second opinion and I’m glad that a friend had a recommendation on who to see.

I miss running. I miss the endorphins (I reallyย miss the endorphins). I miss the definition in my legs (I can tell my calve muscles have atrophied a little bit. le sigh). I miss pushing myself to the limit that can only be felt with running. And I feel like with every day I’m not running, my goal of the Army 10 miler in October is slipping further and further away. And my 10k in May. Heck, even the 5k I was hoping to do in April. I’m determined to do it. Very determined. But my body needs to allow me to do it.

Here’s to hoping it all goes well!

Sweet Treats are Made of These (Ginger Spice Cookies)

Amazon Kindle was having an awesome sale the other day and I was able to get a couple of Paleo cookbooks for free–score two for me! One of them was Delicious, Quick & Simple PALEO: Baking Recipes by Brian Y.T. and Marla Tetsuka (currently available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99!).

I have been jonesing (that’s an understatement) for sweets lately. Mostly in the form of Cherry Twizzlers. I went to the grocery store on Thursday and picked up some strawberry smoothie mix, which helped a little. But sweets have still been on my mind.

Yesterday evening I had a chance to sit and sift (pardon the pun) through my new paleo finds and look at recipes. I was mostly looking for recipes that I currently had all the ingredients for, and the Ginger Spice cookies fit the bill. Best part: they were soooooo simple to make. I don’t know if I’ve ever made such an un-complex cookie. Wisk ingredients together, throw in the freezer for 10 minutes, shape into 6 disks on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes. I think it took me a total of 30min to make the cookies…from start to finish.

Here’s what they looked like at the end:

Paleo Ginger Spice Cookies


The recipe made six. But, I couldn’t resist and helped myself to one before I snapped the photo. They taste like gingerbread cookies and are moist.

The only unfortunate thing, is that for my sweetener, I used honey. That’s not a bad thing at all…for most people. However, I am noticing that I get heartburn like nobody’s business when I consume anything with honey in it–even if it’s not raw honey. Which is strange, because for most people, honey is supposed to HELP REDUCE heartburn, not create it. I looked it up on the internet (because the internet has answers to everything, right?) and apparently it does have the opposite affect on some people–I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones.

I’m thinking about attempting to paleo-fy some of my favorite non-paleo recipes. I’m a little nervous to do that though…some recipes just shouldn’t be messed with, you know? My favorite pastry is the Czech Cherry Kolache. It takes 4 hours to make, and has tons of butter, milk, and flour in it. There are substitutes for all of these things, I know…but I’m quite nervous to even attempt it. No one has ever become awesome without attempting it, right?

Encouragement would be appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyday Maven’s Paleo Taco Dip

Today was redonkadonk. I spent 5 hours on a teleconference call troubleshooting computer server issues. And that’s all I’m going to say about that, because honestly, it’s 9:34pm and I don’t want to think about it any more tonight.

I was fortunate enough to be able to work out my frustration at the gym tonight. I’m fighting tendinitis in my right foot, so I’m not allowed to do any impact exercises. BOO. I can tell you, though–I.miss.running. I cannot even begin to explain how much I miss it. And on days like today, I REALLY miss it.

To get some cardio in, even though I’m currently not even allowed to use an ArcTrainer, stationary bicycle, or even elliptical, there’s an awesome hand-crank machine. Appears easy, but let me tell you, after 15 minutes you’re feeling the burn. Then my trainer kicked my arse. One full hour of Tabata exercises.

What’s Tabata, you ask?

It’s torture. That’s what it is. It’s torture. 20 seconds of an exercise followed by 10 seconds rest (kinda like HIIT). You do this 8 times. The first, even second and third rounds aren’t too terrible. But by the end, it is sheer willpower that gets you through. My triceps and quads are currently sore. And it’s only been 4 hours since our sesh ended. Yeah…we’ll see if I’m able to move tomorrow….

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to post, but it was so late by the time I had a chance that I didn’t have the energy to physically write.

Yesterday I also used the hand crank machine. For 40 minutes. I have a heart rate monitor to help track my calorie burn when working out…in 45 minutes I burned close to 440 calories and got a max heart rate of 176. Yeah, a little hand crank machine can do that.



So, that means big dinner, right? Definitely big hunger, no doubt. Nom Nom Paleo posted a Facebook post about Everyday Maven’s Paleo Taco Dip earlier in the day and I decided it sounded delicious. So I went to the grocery store, picked up the ingredients and got to cooking.

I don’t have one of those awesome things that you can easily see your layers that looks all fancy, so I improvised and used a glass casserole dish. I learned a couple of things from making this dish:

1). Taco seasoning is super easy to make (EverydayMaven even has a recipe!).

2). Buy enough salsa (or make enough of your own) to spread across your taco meat. If you don’t, it’s perfectly ok to improvise and mix the two ingredients. Not gonna lie, it tastes pretty dang good this way, too.

Salsa and Taco Meat can be Friends!

Salsa and Taco Meat can be Friends!

3). Food Processor = greatest invention ever if you want some of the smoothest, well-blended guacamole you’ve laid eyes on. My avocados were just under perfectly ripe. Mashing with a fork wasn’t going to cut it. I already chopped the onion and cilantro in the processor…why not just add the rest of the ingredients and go? Excellent idea, if you ask me. (insert awesome photo of guacamole–and terribly pun-ny “Guac the Casbah” joke–here when phone finally stops acting silly and syncs to computer).

4). This thing really does taste awesome. It was so worth the hour it took to make it. I added black olives just like the recipe suggested (again, phone won’t allow me to post a proper photo). Plantain Chips definitely add crunch and flavor to it to make it even more awesome.

Meat, Salsa, Guac, and Lettuce

Meat, Salsa, Guac, and Lettuce

5). Quite honestly, I don’t miss the beans. Or the sour cream (or, quite frankly, the calories).

6). It made enough that I was able to share with my roommate…and I now have lunch and dinner for the next 3 days….but I’m actually ok with it because it is so dang tasty.


Coconut Ginger Mushroom Chicken

What have I done this President’s Day weekend? A whole lot of nothing. And it’s been glorious.

Well, I shouldn’t say a whole lot ofย nothing. Friday night (Valentine’s Day…or Single’s Awareness Day, as I celebrated this year–but that’s a topic for some other blog), I went to bed at the late, late hour of 9pm. I NEVER do this! Especially on a Friday night. Perhaps having a big ‘ole glass of wine with dinner–which included a miniature box of chocolates and twizzlers pull-n-peel–might have contributed to that. Yeah, I’ll admit, Friday was a caloric/health bomb. But it got me through the day, and trust me, my stomach hated myself for it yesterday.

Saturday, because I went to bed so unnaturally early, I was up bright and early at 7am. As frustrating as that is, it allowed me to watch the US beat Russia in hockey. That was fun. I don’t know if I’ve ever really watched a hockey game. The OT and shootout were so intense, I found myself yelling at the TV…a LOT.

I spent the rest of the daylight reading paleo cookbooks and about the paleo lifestyle. I’m in the process of reading a book; I’m sure I’ll do a blog post on it when I’m finished.

When evening fell, I almost fell on my keister getting to my car to go to NE DC for The Domestic Man‘s cookbook release party (The Ancestral Table). The launch was great. Of course, I forgot to bring my copy of the cookbook that I had advance-ordered, so I couldn’t get him to sign it. *facepalm* But he had party favors for all, which were handy-dandy measurement conversion magnets. So I got him to autograph that for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ The launch was aptly at a restaurant/butcher shop in Union Square–sorry, mom, no jaternice that I saw.

The food served was definitely a treat. I’m looking forward to making a few of his recipes (crab cakes, anyone???). Best part of the night, aside from geeking out meeting an author: making a paleo friend who is getting me hooked into the DC Paleo scene. w00t, w00t!

Today I sang at church with the choir. That was, as always, a tremendous joy. I really feel most alive when I’m singing–and we sang some GREAT music today, too. Then I went off to lunch with my cousin. Applebee’s has the most delicious spinach and shrimp salad! Holy Man, was it good! Almost as good as the conversation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, tonight: I cooked. This recipe comes from PaleOMG (play on words, get it?). I’m not going to print the recipe here because I haven’t asked for permission, but instead I’ll post the link to the recipe on her site here.

To entice you– here’s a pic from tonight. And, I’ll tell you–it was oh, so fantastically delicious.

Coconut Ginger Mushroom Chicken