I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride My Bike…

So, it’s been a week.

I’ve been given the go ahead to begin to ease my way back into running–woohoo!!! Ease, being the operative word.

I’ve decided to do the following to get myself prepped for running: bike this week, arc trainer next week, and then get into running the week after.

So this week: bike.

Holy mother of pearl, saddle soreness! I’m so not used to this feeling. I have a friend and a relative that bike, and they said it’s all about using your abs and legs, and really not so much sitting on your butt. Don’t get me wrong, my legs and abs are sore, too (and really, my arms, too from helping prop myself up). But, those stationary bikes were seemingly not made for anyone planning to go longer than 20min on the thing. I did 40min on Tuesday and was pretty sore until Thursday. Today I did 90min (burned 1176 calories according to my heart rate monitor), and felt fine…until I had to walk up the two flights of stairs to my apartment afterwards. I literally had to pull myself up the stairs for dear life using the hand rails because it hurt so bad.

But at least I’m doing it!

I slept in this morning and as a result, between regular calorie consumption and today’s workout, I had to consume 2000 calories between 5pm and the time I choose to go to bed tonight. I ended up having a hamburger with turkey bacon and a fried egg on top (no bun)…yum! Sadly, that was only like 350 calories, ha. So I had 2/3 cup dried cherries which were another 280 calories. I’m still hungry, but it’s 10:15pm and I’ve closed the kitchen for the evening.

I did measurements with my trainer on Thursday. I gained 3lbs in the past month, but two of those were in the form of muscle, so I’ll take it. Also considering I really couldn’t do any cardio other than swimming for that month, and only gaining 3lbs…I’ll consider that a win. And, my body fat percentage is almost in the normal range…woohoo!!! That’s really the biggest win of all.

Plan of attack for tomorrow is to meal plan for the week and stretch. DC is supposed to get walloped with yet another snow storm on Monday. Perhaps that would be a great time to attempt to make some awesome paleo food and attempt to make kombucha.

Hopefully the readers of this blog are staying warm!